Sunday, December 17, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Don!

Samantha will celebrate her 16th Christmas, Maggie her 14th, Chelsea her 10th and Annalou her 4th.

All the best in 2018!


Christmas 2017

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

"Addison’s Crisis" (hypoadrenocorticism) Henri's Story

Hi Don, 

Wanted to give you an update on Henri.  On Tuesday November 28th we noticed that Henri didn’t seem like himself, lethargic, loss of appetite and all around quiet.  I also noticed that he was shaking his head and scratching at his ears.  I called our vet and scheduled an appointment for Thursday Nov 30th.  The vet took his temperature (it was good), checked him all over & looked at his ears and he did in fact have an ear infection.  They gave us a prescription and we were off with a scheduled recheck for Monday to see how things were going.  

Friday night Henri seemed to be even more lethargic and he still hadn’t eaten any food.  He was also shivering and looked like he was struggling to walk.  It looked like his back legs were giving out.  We called the Emergency Vet and spoke with the on call Veterinarian  (Adrian Tompkins DVM) from Fundy Animal Hospital in Saint John.  He suggested we bring Henri in right away.  We had to carry him to the car because he wasn’t able to stand at this point. 

Luckily they were there waiting for us and he was able to see Henri right away, he took a blood sample and within 30 minutes he was able to diagnose Henri with Addison’s disease (hypoadrenocorticism).  I’ll be honest I had never heard of Addison’s before and I was in complete shock.  They hooked him up to an IV and he spent the night there.  We got home around 3am that night.  Luckily they had a female dog having puppies overnight so the veterinarian and another staff member where there all night and was able to check on Henri every 30 min.

The next morning Mike and I went back to see Henri & he was already showing great improvement, he was sitting up and licking our faces and wagging his tail.  They wanted to keep him for the rest of the day but said we could come pick him up when they closed at the end of the day. 

We decided to stop in at our Veterinarian’s office (Kannon Animal Hospital) and had a chance to talk to our vet and give her a heads up on the situation and schedule a follow up appointment for Tuesday to check his electrolytes.  He was prescribed Florinef & Prednisone.  Originally he was taking 10 Florinef pills (5 in the morning & 5 at night) but after they checked his electrolytes on Tuesday they advised he still wasn’t stable and asked us to up his pill intake to 12 a day.  

We had his second follow up appointment yesterday and the vet called a few minutes ago and she was happy with his electrolytes.  For now he will stay on the 12 pills a day and she also wants us to keep giving him the Prednisone for this week and after that only if necessary.  We have a scheduled follow up appointment in 3 months.  

Since Henri’s diagnosis he has made huge improvements and It’s safe to say he is back to his 87lbs happy tail wagging self.  He is eating breakfast, supper, treats , playing ball and enjoying walks again.  It was a very scary 48 hours but after a week and a half I feel things are much better.  I am very confident with the staff at both Veterinarian’s office.  They took very good care of Henri and I feel good about his progress.  I should mention that we had kept the Pet Insurance so it will come in handy to cover most of the costs.  Also his ear infection is completely gone.  We have been doing lots of reading on this disease and we will be keeping a very close eye on his behaviour to ensure he does not have a “crisis” again.  

Felt this is something you needed to know. 


Its a ruff life in Cape Breton

 its a ruff life in Cape Breton ... lol 


Daizy Mae


.... and if you ever saw anything more beautiful .... I can't imagine....


Daizy Mae

luv Daizy Mae & Lois

Santa Paws

.. the Queen of the Christmas Parade ...Santa Paws ... aka Daizy Mae ๐Ÿพ๐ŸพHope this finds you well and ready for the Holiday Season 

All the best, Lois & Daizy 

Daizy Mae

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Friday, December 08, 2017

McKinley, He’s growing so fast!!

Hi Don

Allan has requested I send you some pics of our new boy!! He’s growing so fast!! Getting stronger every day. He’s so smart and learns commands so quickly!We are so very happy to have met you, we would never have known how much McKinley would fill our hearts with happiness.He’s a joy!

Thank you!

Allan, Jane, Lacey and McKinley


Jill and Pucks pups (2 Yellow Females 2 days old)

Jill and Pucks pups 2 YF 2 days old

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Lu very happy


Good by Sable

We just came back from the vets.  we had to put Sable down .  Sable was having trouble standing and walking she must have had a mini-stroke. The vet said she made a good run.  She had 6 1/2 years with diabetes.   The diabetes caused blindness, she wanted to still play ball, so Bill had to hit her with the ball so she could find it by listening to the bounce sound. .  Sable wanted to go, she was ready to o. I kept telling her She was going to a better place I stoked her head and then I leaned down and kissed her. 

Fr. Tom was right, They are one of God's greatest gifts. She was my hellper, companion.

She picked up many things for me. She brought me things that I dropped or needed. I don't know what I would have done without her in the  last couple of years. All I know is that I'm going to miss her.I pray that Saint  Frances meets her when she gets up to Heaven and take her to play in Doggie heaven.

I miss her already.


Quinn 9 months

Thought we would send you some pictures of Quinn. He’s such a great pup and can’t get enough swimming in (lucky to still be able to go in December). We couldn’t have gotten a better dog. Thanks again and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season.



Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Passing of a friend


We said goodbye to a dear friend.  Kael has been a big part of our family for nearly 10 years. He enjoyed paying with the kids and swimming as offend as we could get him out. My wife Danielle spoke with you recently about dogs for autism, although my son's ASD is not severe enough for a service dog Kael has been a great source of comfort and I am not really looking forward to trying to explain that he is gone. 

Thank you all of your help in the early years, our vet always raved about how beautiful he was. His temperament was incredible, the best behaved and mellow lab I have ever known.



Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Charley update

Here is a pic of Charley - 88 lbs of muscle



Still Living Large

The latest trek - Powderhorn mountain trail. Merlin climbed the mountain butprefers to ride on the back of the ATV then run along next to it! 


Merlin is from Puck's first litter. 


Merlin still living large!

Dusty the kangaroo is convinced he is a dog

Ashley Stewart and his family farm at Wittenoom Hills, 60 kilometres north-east of Esperance, in Western Australia.Mr Stewart rescued the joey after its mother was killed when hit by a car in a road accident.

"We weren't sure he would even survive but we fed him and of course he's just taken off from there," he said.

"He lives on the back patio. We've actually had to go and buy a third dog bed for him to sleep in because he used to pinch one of the beds from the dogs.

"Mr Stewart said Lilly the golden retriever and Rosie the border collie loved their kangaroo."

He thinks Lilly is his mum, he's always grooming her, they're always together and if Lilly goes out of the yard he pines for her and sort of hops up and down the fence until he's let out to go with her."Mr Stewart said Dusty, the kangaroo, wore a collar like a dog.

"When he was little we let him out during the day and then we'd get him at night and lock him back up in the backyard and we couldn't find him because they don't make any noise and they just sit very still so I'd have to go out in the dark with a torch."So I got a collar and I put some reflective tape on it so it would shine out in the torch light and I could find him." 

Lilly, Rosie and Dusty the kangarooLilly and Dusty the kangarooLilly, Rosie and Dusty the kangaroo

Murph (pics)

We are all enamoured with him! Thank you!



Sunday, November 19, 2017

Remi update

Hey Don,

Remi is growing like a weed, 20 pounds at 12 weeks. He’s going to be a big boy I believe.He’s what I would consider house trained now. Goes to the door and scratches when he wants to go out and no accidents in the house in over two weeks.Sleeps through the night and goes in his kennel by himself for naps during the day as well.He’s very playful and loves going for walks on the trails behind our house.I couldn’t have asked for a better companion.





Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Litter of pups

Our Dog George

Hi Don,

We thought we’d send you a note regarding our yellow Lab – George – who we got through Doindogs in February 2015. He was born December 23, 2014. If I remember correctly there were 8 in the litter – 2 yellows (George and his sister Wink, whom I believe you kept with you), and 6 black I believe.

Simply-put: George is a wonderful dog. He has the most unique personality, lots of energy, is keen to hunt with my husband and is a very handsome boy. We are so enamoured by him, we felt you should know what an amazing dog he is!

George gets along very well with our older Lab, who is almost 8. They like to wrestle and play tug-of-war, but then curl up together for a nap – all within an hour! 
I mentioned his personality above, which is his most incredible trait. He loves people, is very affectionate and keeps us in constant laughter with his funny ways. His favourite way to sleep is on his back, four legs in the air. You never know where you might find him, having a big snooze. He does everything with gusto – he plays hard and sleeps hard. Everyone who meets George, loves George.

He is very active as part of our family – in the winter he’s running along beside us as we snowshoe, while every weekend in the summer he’s either running along the beach or swimming in the lake. (This summer he even went on a Miramichi fishing trip with David and some friends.) In the fall he’s been keen to hunt and retrieve ducks and geese. He’s a natural.
So, just a thank-you – after a couple of years – for such a great dog. 

We’ve attached a photo of Georgie with his cousins!

Jill & David

Fredericton, NB


Friday, October 27, 2017

Here is a quick picture of little Remi

Hey Don, 
Here is a quick picture of little remi, I’ve taken the liberty to add the “i” haha  ๐Ÿ˜He’s adjusting well and only one accident in the house so far ( I blame myself tho of course ) !!Thanks a million, he’s a beauty of a pup.



Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bacterial Infection (Leptospirosis) in Dogs

From PET MD;

"Leptospirosis is an infection of bacterial spirochetes, which dogs acquire when subspecies of the Leptospira interrogans penetrate the skin and spread through the body by way of the bloodstream. Two of of the most commonly seen members of this subspecies are the L. grippotyphosa and L. Pomona bacteria. Spirochetes are spiral, or corkscrew-shaped bacteria which infiltrate the system by burrowing into the skin…"

Read More:

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Lucy Lu is growing fast

Hi Don,

She is an amazing member of our family.  She's so intelligent and makes us laugh on a daily basis.  The kids love her to pieces.  They are the best of friends.  Thank you for breeding such amazing dogs.

Best regards,

Lucy Lu is growing fast

Recent pictures of Maggie

Recent pictures of MaggieRecent pictures of MaggieRecent pictures of Maggie

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Thanks for the updates

Hi Don,

Just wanted to send you this quick e-mail to say thanks for taking the time to post updates and pictures on your site from owners who have gotten dogs from you.  I always enjoy reading them and looking at the pictures of the dogs.  It was really nice to see a picture of another Tigs/Rock pup, and Dee's sibling, Duke.  He's a nice lookin' dog, too! ๐Ÿ˜Š

My fingers (and toes lol) are crossed for the Spring ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sunday, October 22, 2017

Plowing match yesterday

I entered a plowing match yesterday with this borrowed (fantastic) team of begins.  The second picture is the trophy we didn’t earn.


Plowing match

Plowing Match Trophy (we didn’t earn ๐Ÿ˜ฉ)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Having breakfast with mom

Having breakfast with momHaving breakfast with mom

Dui in Turkey

Pictures of one of the pups I took to Istanbul. It is easy to see how very pleased that I did. This particular pup won the grand prize of owners๐Ÿ˜‡.  His owner started training on day one. 


Dui in Turkey

Duke & Jack hunting

Duke, a Tigs/Rock pup born 2 Aug 16, with his fantastic owner Jack.

DukeDuke and jackLab huntingLab hunting

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Dubi is adorable as ever

Hello Don,

Nice to hear from you. We are doing just fine. My wife is in town visiting from SF. I am traveling for business at the usual pace. I leave for China today for 12 days. Dubi is adorable as ever. Below is a picture I had on my phone but I will ask my wife to send me a couple of new ones to forward to you today. I hope things are well with you and your wife.Thanks again for the nice note.

All the best,



Misty opening day (P.E.I)

Good morning Don

Hunting Season opened on PEI  so the boys and Misty (7 months old yesterday) was out doing her thing...



Saturday, September 30, 2017

Shana 5 Years old from Norway

Dear Don

Just want you to know that shana is a healthy, happy and wellbeing family member at Nesoddtangen outside of Oslo. Shana retrieving on the beach, were unfortunately to big. Hope you're well and thank you for giving us shana, the most kind of dogs!

All the best Catrin 

Shana 5 years, NorwayShana 5 years, Norway

Spa Day

Ed’s Duck Dog

Spa Day

Quinn update

Here he is! Not so little anymore, and such a great pup! We have friends who tell us that if they could guarantee they would get a dog as well behaved as Quinn they would do it. And we didn't even do anything that special to make that happen, he just has the best demeanor. Thanks again! 

Beth and Marco


Too handsome for words!!

Too handsome for words!!Too handsome for words!!